Reiki is a system of natural healing which originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago where it was known as Raku-Kei. The two words combined mean the absolute knowledge/wisdom of the infinite is connected to the life force or Ki at cosmic and personal level.

Dr. Makao Usui (15/8/1865 – 9/3/1926) was the original Spiritual Master to be given the Reiki symbols which are used in this form of healing. Graduates of this method who have been initiated through a direct lineage when energetic key symbols are used to connect or align the recipient healer to the highest Spiritual wisdom or God consciousness carry out the Usui of healing. There are three stages of initiation before becoming a Reiki Master.

The founder of the Usui Reiki method of healing considered every living thing has a universal life force permeating through and around it. This life force sometimes called CHI, or PRANA or in modern parlance ENERGY which of course it is important since without it we would not live.

Everything has a vibrational frequency including every cell in the body. All the cells in the body are vibrating at their own frequency. Feelings of sadness resentment and anger and so on reduce our vibrational frequency and produce sad cells whilst thought and feelings of contentment and calm produce happy cells.

When the life force or Chi/Prana becomes blocked we lower the vibrational frequency andĀ we can become prone to many levels of stress and we become vulnerable to illness; be it mental, emotional or physical. Usually unbalance starts at level, which if addressed promptly may be rectified early. But many of us tend to ignore a feeling of being “out of sorts” until we become physically or mentally unwell.

Healing is really about being in tune with ourselves and the world around us and being at peace with One’s Self. The aim in healing is to tune the individual to a higher frequency by clearing the energy fields in relationship to our life force.

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