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Fidelma Spilsbury MAR

My name is Fidelma Spilsbury.

I am professionally qualified and fully insured, and have been practicing reflexology since 1991. As a full member of the Association of Reflexologists I abide by its guiding principles of ethics and code of practice.

My practice is based in Atworth near Melksham and Corsham and within easy reach of Bath, Bradford on Avon, Lacock and Chippenham.

Having started my working career in the field of education teaching Home and Community studies alongside Nutrition, I branched off into the field of the complementary therapies of Reflexology, Reflex Zone Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Yoga, which includes in depth knowledge of relaxation, meditation techniques and breathing techniques. Through my years of training and practice I have learnt the importance of looking at the individual as the sum of many parts in relationship to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives. Over the years in practice I have been continually developing and acquiring new knowledge and skills, and applying these to my present work.

I practise holistic reflexology and focus on supporting you and helping you to access and use your inner resources so that the energy fields may be rebalanced and integrated in personal and subtle ways. I have a special interest in the energetic framework in and around the physical body, and work with this to restore mental clarity by calming the mind and stimulating creativity. Thereby, when appropriate, your body can activate its own healing powers at its own pace.

I believe that we function at our best when we respond to the stability and strength coming from within and when we acknowledge the various dimensions in which we function as a whole. Holistic reflexology is a wonderful tool by which you can learn so much about yourself. Each reflexology session you have with me is tailor made to accommodate your individuality and uniqueness.

For booking information have a look at my treatment times and prices.

Fidelma Spilsbury, Member Association Reflexologists, Cert.Ed., Reiki Master., Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer.

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