What is fertility reflexology?

Fertility reflexology is pre-conceptual reflexology for both men and women. It is increasingly widely acknowledged that before a couple conceive, they should try to get in the best mental and physical shape they can. Reflexology is an holistic therapy that aims to balance the mind, body and spirit. I believe reflexology is ideal for those wanting to ensure that they can create the best environment in which to start a family.

How can reflexology help prepare my body for pregnancy?

Reflexology is a therapy which is all about achieving balance. Reflexologists believe it to be effective at balancing hormones, increasing circulation and helping the body get rid of toxins.

It is a very relaxing therapy that promotes a sense of health and well-being. Many couples find the process of ‘trying to conceive’ a stressful time, some have had previous traumatic experiences that bring an element of fear. Reflexology may help to calm the mind and ease these stresses.

Sub-fertility / Infertility

Many couples experience fertility problems which may be as a result of ovulation problems, sperm quality or sperm count, clotting disorders and many, many more. Sometimes there doesn’t appear to be a reason at all.

I have had clients who believe their reflexology treatments helped them achieve regular menstrual cycles and they have since managed to get pregnant.

Many clients feel that the treatments have helped them to feel more relaxed and positive in their quest to become parents.

Assisted fertility

Reflexology may be immensely beneficial to those undergoing assisted fertility treatment because it is so relaxing, balancing and calming.

Should I have reflexology while having In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)?

Although there are no hard and fast rules about this, my personal opinion would be to avoid reflexology treatments during the down regulating (down regging) and stimulation (stimming) stages of IVF. This is because during these stages you are taking fertility drugs to encourage your body to go into a temporary menopause and then to produce several eggs. Reflexology is all about achieving a natural balance and would not be complementary to this part of the process. However, once you are past the egg collection stage, reflexology may be fabulously calming in the dreaded ‘two week wait’.

Should I have reflexology while taking Clomid?

Again, there are no definite rules for this. Some reflexologists would advise against treatments until after the course of drugs is completed. However, I feel that as Clomid is taken to induce ovulation that reflexology would be complementary to this process.

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