Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT)

What is VRT?

Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) is a technique carried out on the tops and sides of the feet while the client is standing up. Many clients respond very quickly to VRT as it is a very powerful treatment. A full VRT treatment can be carried out in only 5 minutes.

VRT can be combined with a shortened reflexology treatment for those clients who are very short on time. This way you can be assured that all reflexes will have been treated and yet you still have the benefit of enjoying some relaxing time reclined in the reflexology chair.

VRT can be used at the end of a full reflexology treatment to give an extra boost to specific reflex points for those who have a particular problem, such as back pain.

Who benefits from Vertical Reflexology?

VRT is particularly appropriate for those who:

    Reflexology massage

  • have difficulty reclining for any length of time
  • have not got enough time for a full reflexology treatment
  • have a chronic condition needing an extra boost
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