You will have noticed that the blog has been dormant for some time and may have wondered why. Well, last year was an exceptionally busy time and a full year for me, and I had to forgo some activities. Now that we are in the New Year I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all good health and contentment in 2014.

January is a wonderful time of year for me; for a start it is my birthday month, but more importantly it is a time to activate fresh resolve and move forward in anticipation as a new year unfolds. In January we are still in the depth if winter with the short days and unpredictable weather patterns. Yet if you look closely you can see mother earth is sending up new growth everywhere as early bulbs and some tree branches are beginning to show us fresh growth. Like Mother Nature we begin a new year opening out from within so that we can transform the power of inner choice and allow ourselves to change as our resolves take hold.

As we activate new changes we enhance our lives thus opening the door to the creative power of inward choice, which frees us from what could otherwise be a repetitious treadmill of meaningless activity. Whether the resolve is to exercise more, relax more, read more, join a self development class or simply eradicate a habit that may hinder our contentment in life, these can lead us to gain a glimpse of the depth of self nourishing available to us. Sometimes we need a little help to spur us on and keep us on track. And it is important to find a trigger point that speaks to one and helps one to find one’s true Self.

The experience of having Reflexology is a perfect way to help us to develop self-awareness, inner strength, and freedom of choice. It can open a path to allow us to be who we really want to be. It helps us to activate changes from within which can be truly transforming.

As I look forward to the unfolding of the new year and think of the responsibilities that can sometimes burden us, I have to remember to keep my resolves simple and self nourishing so that I can address of art of living in it’s essential meaning.

These words may strike a chord: “He who listens to the music of his own soul plays his part well in life”.

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