We’ve had some great weather recently.  I’ve been out in the garden enjoying getting ‘back in touch with nature’.  The lawnmower has been heaved out of the shed as the grass is now needing a weekly cut again.  My daughter loves seeing the trees in blossom.  She calls them ‘blossom trees’ and counted over 100 on the car journey between our house and her friend’s.

My dog enjoying the spring

My dog enjoying the spring

I’m lucky, I don’t suffer from hay fever, and neither does the dog, but for some of us this can be a miserable time of year.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that may help to balance and normalise the systems of the body.  For this reason it’s an excellent treatment for hay fever where the body goes into overdrive in reaction to hay fever.

As a reflexologist I concentrate on:

  • clearing the airways
  • calming down streaming, itchy eyes and nose
  • strengthening the body’s immune response to help minimise the reaction to pollen

Although reflexology can have an immediate effect on relieving hay fever symptoms, the best way of keeping hay fever at bay is to have regular reflexology treatments.  You would not expect hay fever to go away from taking one pill but if the one pill helped relieve symptoms you would go back for more.  Reflexology has a cumulative effect so if you have regular treatments each successive treatment builds on the results from previous treatments.

If you are a hay fever sufferer and would like to see if reflexology can help you, please contact me to arrange an appointment.

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