Many of us who have ever been pregnant know how awful morning sickness can be.  We all know that it’s usually a good sign that the pregnancy is progressing well and we’re thankful for that but it’s still not pleasant and can be an isolating experience feeling so ill at a time when we may not be ready to broadcast the fact that we’re pregnant.

Morning sickness is the term used for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and, frustratingly, you can suffer with it round the clock not just in the morning.

A reflexologist will help relieve your morning sickness by:

  • using reflexology techniques to calm the stomach reflex zone
  • stimulate the pancreas reflex to help balance your blood sugar levels
  • balance your endocrine system to help you adapt to your changing hormone levels

Apart from reflexology there are many other things you can try to do to relieve the sickness including:

  • eating small amounts of food that you can tolerate.  The key is to eat little and often.
  • ginger or peppermint can ease the vomiting.
  • have something to eat in bed before you get up in the morning.  One client of mine found nibbling gingernuts before even getting out of bed really helped keep her sickness at bay.
  • listen to your body.  Figure out what it is that will help you feel better.  For me it was boiled veg and gravy, for my Mum it was oranges!

If you are suffering from morning sickness please contact me to arrange a reflexology appointment.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is severe and persistent vomiting during pregnancy.  If you are suffering from continued vomiting you are likely to become dehydrated.  Reflexology may help relieve hyperemesis gravidarum but it is important that you contact your midwife in case further medical treatment is needed.

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