Recommended reflexology books

Buy reflexology books as well as books about fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and family life. All these books are highly recommended by Wiltshire Reflexology, our friends and clients.

The books in the ‘Reflexology’ section are highly recommended reading for those with a general interest in reflexology, reflexology studentsĀ and qualified reflexologists.

The books in the ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ section are recommended for those studying reflexology as well as qualified therapists.

The ‘Fertility and Conception’ section are for anyone wanting to learn more about their own fertility and trying to conceive. There also recommendations for those with fertility problems.

The ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’ setion includes books about pregnancy and giving birth, usually with a view to a holistic and natural approach.

The ‘Family life’ section includes books beyond childbirth, which is often when we need a lot of support!

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