I am frequently asked by overdue pregnant women to use reflexology to encourage labour to start.  I use a tried and trusted reflexology routine taught to me by Susanne Enzer, a maternity reflexologist and midwife.  I have had varying results, sometimes it can take several treatments before labour begins, other times the woman has gone into labour a couple of hours later.

I believe that reflexology has more likely to start labour if the woman has been receiving regular reflexology treatments throughout their pregnancy so that the treatment is only focussing on encouraging the labour to being and not addressing other issues at the same time.

The treatment is quite different to usual reflexology treatments and will not be entirely the relaxing experience you may be hoping for.  Although many relaxation techniques are incorporated into the treatment there will also be vigorous stimulation of reflexes relating to the endocrine system and the digestive system as well as the pelvic areas.  It is likely to be uncomfortable and you may prefer to bring someone with you for support and to drive you home afterwards.  I always finish a reflexology induction treatment with the ultimate relaxing foot massage so that you will feel good when you leave.

No professional reflexologist will agree to try to induce your labour before your due date unless there are mitigating circumstances such as you are due to have an early medical induction.

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