I’ve just discovered this teleseminar on using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to stay happy and positive during pregnancy, especially if you’re scared of miscarriage, the responsibility of a newborn baby etc.  It was only recorded at 5pm on Wednesday, 15th September 2010 so it’s very recent.

The teleseminar is an audio recording of a conversation with Deidre Morris and Joanne Roibu.  Deidre Morris used to be a psychologist and now works as a life coach.  Joanne Roibu is an advanced EFT practitioner.  Deidre and Joanne talk about what they do and give advice to pregnant women who are feeling anxious.

The start of it is very slow going with some technical difficulties while connecting everyone together, but bear with it as it may help you if you are anxious about pregnancy.

You have to register to receive the teleseminar but also to receive a free report on ‘Unmasking the Unknown: A Simple and Effective Step in Releasing Childbirth Fears‘ which covers:

  • a simple, essential step in understanding and letting go of fears
  • a step-by-step guide women can use immediately
  • helps remove fear of interventions and procedures, as well as anxiety about a hospital birth.

Here’s the link EFT pregnancy anxieties teleseminar, I hope you enjoy it.

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