My personal opinion is that it is perfectly safe to have reflexology treatments during pregnancy, even in the first 12 weeks.  I believe that a viable foetus is extremely difficult to dislodge.  There is no evidence to suggest that reflexology may damage a foetus in the first trimester or indeed at any stage of pregnancy.

When I first qualified as a reflexologist I didn’t feel sufficiently experienced to treat pregnant women and was concerned that I may get blamed or even sued in the event of a miscarriage.  Some reflexologists believe that women should not receive reflexology during the first trimester and I wasn’t sure what to believe.

Rather than avoid pregnant women I learnt as much as possible about maternity reflexology.  I completed a Maternity Reflexology Course with Susanne Enzer, a reflexologist and midwife of many years.  It was important for me to be trained by someone with both medical experience and reflexology knowledge.  I received a Statement of Attendance for attending the course and chose to complete additional assessments, assignments and case studies to gain a Certificate of Competency in Maternity Reflexology.

The course was extremely detailed and covered:

  • the bones and organs of the female pelvis
  • the endocrine system
  • preconceptual care
  • subfertility
  • cautions / precautions and contraindications
  • the physiology of pregnancy

I learnt:

  • location of reflex zones of the pelvis and pelvic organs on the feet
  • how to adapt reflexology for pregnancy
  • reflex zones and acupressure points to avoid during pregnancy
  • the reflexology endocrine balance technique
  • the reflexology lymphatic technique
  • a reflexology routine to prime / induce labour
  • special reflexology techniques to use in childbirth
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  1. Hi Elizabeth
    Found your blog today – just a note to wish you every success.