Can reflexology help relieve backache in pregnancy?
Reflexology is a very gentle therapy that helps support the body during all the rapid changes of pregnancy.

For pregnant women with backache I concentrate on:

  • gentle stretching, twisting and massaging of the spinal reflexes with the intention of easing any pain or discomfort while keeping the joints relaxed and supple
  • stimulating and relaxing the diaphragm reflexes to ease emotional stress

Why do women get backache during pregnancy?
It’s not surprising that many pregnant women suffer with backache during pregnancy.

The abdominal muscles are stretched a long way beyond their normal state and are unable to help maintain body posture as they would usually do.  The lower back compensates for this by taking on the extra weight from the torso.  During pregnancy women lean backwards to counterbalance the baby’s increasing weight.

The pregnancy hormone relaxin softens your ligaments to relax your pelvic joints so that you are able to give birth.  However, the hormone softens all the ligaments in your body so you have to be extra careful not to put too much strain on your joints, including your back.

Finally, many people hold tension in their back at times when they feel stressed and emotional.  There’s no doubting that pregnancy is not always a happy, carefree time for everyone.

If you are pregnant and suffering from backache and would like to see if reflexology would help you, please contact me to book a reflexology appointment.

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