When you come for your first reflexology treatment I will go through a detailed consultation process with you to find out about your current health conditions and medical background.  I’ll ask you questions about your lifestyle as well so that I get a rounded picture about you as a person, not just you as a set of symptoms.  Please don’t worry about the consultation!  I’m not going to judge you and anything you say to me will be kept strictly confidential.

After the consultation I will suggest a plan for your treatment depending on what you have told me.  I’ll discuss this with you and come to an agreement with you so that you know exactly what is going on.

I have a reclining reflexology chair that you will lie back in for the treatment.  Only shoes and socks need to be removed for reflexology.  I will examine your feet, noting observations which may give clues to me about what is going on for you.  For example, did you know that reflexologists may interpret areas of hard skin as having built up to protect sensitive reflexes?  Before the treatment begins I will wash your feet.

The treatment begins with a foot massage to relax you and get your feet ready for reflexology.  I use only my hands to work your feet, no implements or tools are used.  I use specialist reflexology techniques to apply pressure to the feet in a systematic way ensuring that all reflexes are worked.  Congested reflexes may feel uncomfortable.  I will check that you are comfortable at all times although many people sleep throughout the treatment.  Some people worry that they have ticklish feet, however I have not yet had a client who has found reflexology ticklish!  The application and the effect of the therapy are unique to each person.

There are occasions when I may treat your hands instead of your feet. For instance a foot may be injured or have an infection, there may not be enough time for a foot treatment or if you may prefer your hands to be treated instead of your feet for comfort reasons or personal preference.

The treatment is finished with an invigorating massage to ‘put you back together’.

After the treatment we will talk about how you felt and any imbalances I may have found.  We will talk about whether a course of reflexology may be beneficial to you, however you will not be under any pressure to book future appointments.

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