Reflexologists have very different opinions on what to use to clean their clients’ feet.  Some use wet wipes, some foot spas, cleansing solutions or just plain water and cotton wool.

I was taught not to use wet wipes because they can be cold, strong-smelling and some people dislike the chemicals in them.  The same applies to cleansing solutions.  I remember visiting a reflexologist who cleaned my own feet with a banana scented lotion which I couldn’t bear the smell of – I didn’t go back!  However, if you’re a mobile therapist or doing taster treatments all the above options are a very convenient way to freshen feet.

I have been tempted to have a foot spa ready for clients to put their feet in while we’re going through the consultation process or discussing how they felt following their previous treatment and how they’re feeling now.  However, I was taught that it’s important for a reflexologist to observe the clients’ feet before cleansing because it’s harder to see dry skin, callouses and the true colour of their feet after cleansing.  Reflexologists need to observe the feet properly as their condition gives a good indication of what might be going on for that person.

So, personally I only use a warm solution of water with a drop of tea tree oil and cotton wool for cleansing the feet.

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